Almond melting moment cookies

Ingredirents 320 grams butter, room Temp (i used 160 grams butter + 160grams grams margarine) 300 gram all purposed flour 50grams cornstarch 75grams almond flour 180 grams super fine sugar 2 egg (room… Continue reading

Fluffy Buns ( AKA the sofest, lightest buns ever)

I used Tang dzong method is this recipe, which give the buns extra soft and tenderness, plus, with this method, your bread can stay fresh much longer with the normal method. im totally… Continue reading

Milky Soft Buns

Ingredients: 60 gram buttermilk 60 gram warm milk (~40C) 4 gram instant yeast ( use 5gram if  it’s winter) 40 gram unsalted butter, melted 35 gram sugar ; 5gram sugar (total 40 gram… Continue reading

Chocolate chip cookies

Hi everyone, The another recipe I want to share with you guys this week is about chocolate chips cookies.Who want a thick, buttery, crispy outside but soft and melting inside biscuits? this recipe is… Continue reading


Hello everyone, it’s such a long time hey, I missed blogging but i just got a new job, back from work and exhausted…that’s y i’m so lazy to write…:) So, today, today, got… Continue reading

Balsamic roasted pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is one of those easy proteins that is relatively inexpensive, low in fat, and naturally tender. However, as the cleanest cut of meat, it can be quite bland. But with this… Continue reading

Skinny Cream Puff

Today is the day of low fat food again. Indeed, I didn’t intend to give lowfat food a go, just in the mood of choux pastry or chiffon. But guess what i found… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Crème Caramel (Custard pudding or Leche Flan)

In my mind, Flan is always the best childhood sweet treat ever ever and ever, it’s the only one dessert is served very often in my family, everyone love it, so do I.… Continue reading

Low fat ‘n’ sugar Cheesecake marble Brownie

Think of Something sweet, something  bitter, something chocolatey… think of Brownie. I dont know why i was in the mood of Brownie today, it has run around and around in my head since… Continue reading

Salmon en Croute

Evening! I’ve had a couple of salmon fillets in the freezer since last week and have been looking and asking for many recipes to use them, so i end up with Salmon en… Continue reading