Wonderful homemade Peanut Butter

Store bought Peanuts butter(PP)- Too sweet? -Yes -Too much crazy fat that we can’t know they are good for Health or not? -Yes. So why dont you try to make it at home.… Continue reading

Secret ingredients for Beer batter

This is the second time i make beer batter too. Maybe the first time always sucks for me! 😀 After being failed with the beer batter recipe i had before, i deciced to… Continue reading

Simple & Easy Yorkshire Pudding

This is the second time i made Yorkshire Pudding, My first time i tried recipe from Jamie Oliver, but the pudding didn’t love me, they were so thick and chewy. So this time,… Continue reading

Easy Vietnamese Pork Soup (noodle, pasta…)

This noodle/pasta soup is a very comfort food to eat. I and my family enjoyed these all the time,whenever breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are just so good for a quick lazy meal.… Continue reading

How to Roast Beef

Choosing the Beef: Bolar blade roasts are economical and have good beef flavour. The eye fillet/tenderloin is a very tender beef roast. It’s mild in flavour and deliciously juicy. Eye round/girello is a… Continue reading

Cream Puff (Eclairs)

Cream puff (profiterole, or choux à la crème, choux pastry ball) is a very popular tasty dessert. This Pastry confection is light and airy with a firm shell, it’s filled with with chilled vanilla pastry… Continue reading

Langues de chat ( Cat’s tongue biscuit)

These Biscuits is often made after Cream Puff  for saving leftover egg whites we had from the pastry cream. Is left over stuff  just fine enough to eat? My answer is NO, these… Continue reading

Raspberry Dark Chocolate mousse

Made this little cake for my boyfriend on his birthday. Simply delicious! 🙂 Chocolate mousse Adapted to Savourydays Make  2 10cm mold rings 80gr Dark Chocolate 60% 10ml milk 125 ml Whipping cream… Continue reading

The Classic Muffin plus raisin chocolate muffin recipe

First, Let’s talk about muffin, Someone will think that Muffin and cupcake is the same, but they are actually different. Muffin is quick bread, Cupcake is cake. Because of being a type of… Continue reading

No Crack Swiss Roll

This Swiss roll is very tender, light and airy. Used recipe of Japanese cotton sponge cake to make. Ingredients Adapted from Savoury days * Recipe for 3 eggs (20 x 20cm pan) 20gram… Continue reading