Hot Cross Buns

Made these little buns after Easter ( we went on holiday at Easter time, but my BF still miss this buns a lot, so, we just delayed the easter time for these buns… Continue reading

Vietnamese Shaking Beef (bò lúc lắc)

Bo Luc Lac (Shaking Beef) is a popular Vietnamese dish. No, Don’t think wrong, the beef doesn’t come to “shake” on your plate , the “shaking” here is the action of shaking the… Continue reading

Vietnamese chicken curry

My Boyfriend said this is my signature dish.This curry is not so strong like Indian curry but thicker than Thai green Curry. Also, it is just spicy enough for you to feel the curry… Continue reading

Vietnamese “Roti” chicken

The taste is quite similar with the chicken coated fish sauce, just a bit different. So I think this is a highlight too. Give it a try, I’m sure you gonna love it!… Continue reading

Vietnamese Braised Pork

“Bloody delicious” that’s the feed back i got from my Bf’s brother in law after sending him this recipe. This braised pork is very popular in Vietnam. Every family have their own recipes… Continue reading